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Greenskin Invasion Free


Dungeon Adventure: Greenskin Invasion is a classical fantasy turn based adventure roguelike rpg game. Explore randomly generated dungeons, fight with monsters, collect loot and advance your hero to higher levels.Select one of various heroes and begin your epic adventure!
- various characters: amazon,dwarf fighter, flame acolyte, dark elf, monk, thief, paladin battle cleric, assassin and sorceress.- each hero have unique special ability- permadeath- explore infinite procedurally generated dungeons- adventure level system that allows to progress even if your hero died, bonuses from adventure levels affects all heroes.- bonus card system that allows to select various bonuses: better starter equipment, more gold, more stat points etc.- crafting system: collect ingredients and forge powerful armor and weapon- encounter many various monsters: orcs, goblins, trolls- Play offline! Internet connection is not requirement- epic quests!
I make this alone so any support is welcome!
This is a free version of the game. Game contains ADs.
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